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Make sure your passwords are long — at least eight characters — and include numbers, upper and lowercase letters and symbols; avoid using names or dictionary words.At Connect, you’ll find tips and information on how to use multi-factor authentication and fingerprint recognition for more advanced security. Most services have settings that let you control who can see what you post.We strongly recommend you not join these dating sites ( We reviewed more than 50 dating sites and used the same criteria in judging each one.If they didn’t meet the following characteristics we look for in a dating site, we gave them the review they deserved – a negative one.It’s how many of us shop and bank without leaving our homes.For an increasing number of seniors, it’s a way to stay in the workforce and even launch a new career or business.Social media allows you to exchange ideas, photos and videos, and even plan events with friends and family living far away.But don’t think that social networking is just for young people.

We don’t receive any monetary compensation from any dating site, nor do we work for any dating site. Out of all the websites we tested, only these three deserve a notable mention.

And some seniors are going online to make new friends and to find romantic partners through online dating.

Like all powerful tools, the Internet and mobile technologies come with some risks.

If you search the Internet for reviews on sites, you will come across mostly biased reviews.

So how do you determine which one(s) to sign-up for?

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