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施普林格-自然出版社 全球副总裁,首席图书战略官)- Book Launch of Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture 6 (《中华思想文化术语6》新书发布会 )Organizer: Secretariat of the Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture-Translation and Communication Project (中华思想文化术语传播工程秘书处).

Tiziana Lippiello is professor in the Department of Asian and North African Studies at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and is currently Vice Rector at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Puqun Li (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)英文名:Dwelling in Peace and Joy (an 安、le乐) in the Analects—Confucius’ Positive Psychology 中文名:论语中的安与乐—孔子的正向心理学2.

May Sim (College of the Holy Cross) 英文名:Wise Agents East & West: From Individual to Cosmic Agency 中文名:东西的智者:从个人至天下的贤士3.

Carine Defoort (The University of Leuven)英文名:Unfounded and Unfollowed Mencius’s Portrayal of Yang Zhu and Mo Di中文名:孟子对杨朱和墨翟的描述2. Nicholas Brasovan (The University of Central Arkansas)英文名:Ecological Humanism in the Philosophy of Wang Fuzhi中文名:王夫之哲学中的生态人文主义5. Ursula Sims-Williams (Lead Curator of the Persian Collections, British Library) “Iranians in Dunhuang: the written legacy”Ursula Sims-Williams博士 大英图书馆波斯部主任主题:伊朗人在敦煌——论其文字遗产- Prof.

Attilio Andreini (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia英文名:Beyond the Mengzi: Another Side of the Yang-Mo Symbol中文名:孟子之外:杨墨学的另一面3. Jee Loo Liu (California State University-Fullerton)英文名:What Can We Learn from WANG Fuzhi’s Moral Sentimentalism? Charles Sanft (Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Tennessee)“Ruist Text – ”陈力强教授 田纳西大学历史系副教授主题:儒家文本——《孝经》与《论语》研究 - Dr.

Read More →Helmut Wautischer is a senior philosophy lecturer at Sonoma State University, and has been teaching philosophy in the California State University system since 1992.

Kai Wang (Beijing Normal University) 英文名:Xunzi’s Notion of Self-cultivation in the Perspective of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics中文名:荀子与亚里士多德人性观念的比较研究4.

Chi-Shing Chen (National Chengchi University) 英文名:Virtue Jurisprudence: Aristotelian Equity and Category of Xunzi中文名:論德行法理:亞理司多德之衡平及荀子的類 Alia Al-Saji "Cultural racism: Muslim veiling, embodiment, and the nature of culture"Eric Chelstrom "The Racialized Body of in Oppression: Looking Beyond the Body Image to the Body Schema"Shojiro Kotegawa "Phenomenology of 'Yellow Race'" Commentator: Helen Ngo I am interested in philosophy of technology and comparative philosophy.

She was awarded her Ph D in Philosophy from Warwick University...

Read More → Organized by International Society for Chinese Philosophy1.

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Jongchul Park (The University of Leuven)英文名:The Ethical Features in Yang Zhu’s Philosophy Based on His Mingshi Theory(名實論)中文名:論《列子•楊朱》篇之「名實論」的倫理特徵4. 中文名:王夫之的道德情感论对当代哲学的启示 Tomoko Iwasawa is Professor of Comparative Religions at Reitaku University, Japan. Christopher Foster (Research Fellow, University of Oxford) “Literacy along the Silk Road: A Han Primer at Dunhuang and Beyond”傅希明博士 牛津大学研究员主题:丝绸之路上的识字能力——汉代一本字书在敦煌及其周边的流传 - Mélodie Doumy (Curator, Chinese Collections, British Library) “The Lotus Sutra manuscripts from Dunhuang’s Library Cave: conserving and digitising an important Buddhist text at the British Library”Mélodie Doumy 大英图书馆中文部主任主题:敦煌莫高窟书库的法华经抄本——一本重要佛经在大英图书馆的保存与数字化- Jiang Qiuxia (Vice President of Lanzhou City University)“Methods and Techniques of Dunhuang Culture Translation”姜秋霞 兰州城市大学副校长主题:敦煌文化翻译的方法与技巧下接 080078 DUNHUANG: MEETING POINT OF CULTURAL EXCHANGE ALONG THE SILK ROAD (III) My name is Donato Loia and I am second-year Ph D Candidate at the University of Texas at Austin.

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