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(code peach for all Slavic group) is the most populous with areas marked "P," Czech "Cz", Ukrainian "U", and Russian "R" with the latter including sizeable numbers of Jewish people (sub-designated in earlier metropolitan maps from non-U. either considered alone or "in combination with others" (a Census designation for mixed ethnicity) increased dramatically from 39,000 to 67,000 in the first decade of the 21st century; these are principally found in urban and academic areas as well as around can be roughly divided into a northern and western area in which Alaskan Natives predominate and a southern and southeastern coastal region with a mixed population coming mainly from the lower 48 states.Besides Native Alaskans, Asian Americans, African Americans and some Pacific Islanders, one can find 60% of the state's Hispanic population and sizeable numbers of other ethnic groups: German, English, Irish, Scandinavian (mainly Norwegian and Swedish), Italian, French, and Scottish with smaller numbers of Dutch, Polish and others.Orphans want to learn about parents; native-born Americans carry out ancestry searches; third generation Americans return to the Old Country; ex-slaves are fascinated with tracing cultural backgrounds.Ethnic awareness can also be environmental awareness -- our homes and community structures, our interactions with friends, our recreational and educational choices, our tolerance for weather changes, our celebrations and joys, our religious worship and ways of conducting and participating in funerals and weddings, and our many interrelationships -- are frequently rooted in our ethnicity or in the collective ethnicity of a community.In 2010, the Alaskan Natives (Aleut, Eskimos, Tinsits and other Native Americans), whether considered alone or in combination with others, number 138,000; these inhabit the greater Alaskan land mass but comprise only 16% of the total population.show the same immense growth rate as found elsewhere in the South, from 18,000 in 1980, to 20,000 in 1990, to four times that amount or 87,000 at the turn of the century; since then the population has doubled again to 186,000 by 2010.The two people who gave so much to this project over the years not through total time but in key periods when collecting data, developing and illustrating maps, and assembling the entire project were Janet Powell and Mark Spencer; Gratitude is due to John Horstman who helped with early compilations of statistics, to Professor Carl Raitz of the University of Kentucky for encouragement in launching this project, to Ben Perraut and Art Purcell as traveling assistants, to the various ethnic associations that sent descriptive materials on Amish, Germans from Russia, Danish, Czech, and Slovak concentrations, and to Gerry Helferich and Facts on Files who gave some initial support to this project.

Many religious and civic groups celebrate ethnic and cultural roots as, for example, Greek festivals are associated with local Greek Orthodox churches or Italian festivals with a particular Catholic feast day.Over time non-propertied white males, black males, women, Native Americans, and those 18-21 were allowed to vote.Recent large numbers of Asians and of Hispanics (of various racial backgrounds) add much to diversity in degrees not seen since the great southern and eastern European migrations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Often, religious statistics are reported for all persons of an ethnic group, some of whom are only remotely associated with the ethnic church of their youth or ancestors.At our beginning work we attended to Jewish groups (obtained from non-census data), mainly because some do not like to be identified with their lands of origin before migration to this country.

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This handsome variety with pale green crinkled leaves forms a 10 to 12 inch diameter head similar to Iceberg, but much better flavor.

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