Women dating blue collar men

When it came to accommodations for nursing mothers at work, you might think that blue-collar women generally reported worse conditions than white-collar women.However, a surprising 33% of white-collar women also said they didn't have a clean, decent place to pump.

Class schedules don’t align well with a pumping schedule and it’s difficult to find space that isn’t a bathroom at school, which is also clean and private.

Kass also explained to me that it was therefore no surprise that the first hands-free pumping system was, in fact, designed by an emergency room doctor!

And of course, two weeks ago, we all got a glimpse into what life might be like for female pilots who have to contend with the logistical nightmare of scheduling a time and place to pump that is not an airplane or airport bathroom stall.

We’ve heard similar stories among some of the most educated, well-paid members of our community. Dara Kass, the founder of Feminem recently shared with me how difficult it can be for female emergency physicians to find reasonable time and accommodations to pump breast-milk.

It turns out that there are no easy, private places to pump in certain hospital settings, forcing doctors who are new mothers to feel they must choose between pumping breast-milk for their babies and doing their jobs.

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What was true is that blue-collar women reported not having sufficient about unpaid, short maternity leaves or the inability to pump breast-milk at work were only prevalent among blue-collar, hourly workers.

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