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The official home page of the New York State Unified Court System.Do You Want to Watch Your Girl Get a Juicy Creampie?I figure it’s worth a shot, but I end up with my head literally stuck inside my ass and she just leans over and smirks as if she knew exactly what would happen and then she runs the hell away, laughing her ass off.” — Bennett, 27Daniella Urdinlaiz “People have called me prude my entire life, but I’ve had so many dreams about the kinkiest stuff. I’ll be bopping up and down on one guy’s penis while making out with a girl and getting fondled by a few others. In my sleep, at least.” — Helena, 24Daniella Urdinlaiz “I once dreamt that I had a threesome with my lesbian professor and her partner, whom I’ve never actually met. She stood there watching us most of the time in between reading excerpts from our course syllabus.It was fucking weird, as was class the next day.” — Dawn, 30 Daniella Urdinlaiz “Dr. He wasn’t traditionally handsome, but he was always wearing pants that highlighted his giant, Jon Hamm package. Todd pulled me out of History class, and then, without a word, lured me into the men’s bathroom where we had passionate sex (me on top) inside a tiny little stall.The sex dream: highly complex and symbolic message from your subconscious, friendly reminder it's been too long since you've gotten some action, or just the result of the deep-fried Chimichanga you ate before bed?No matter why you have one, everyone can relate to that weird late-night fantasy that leaves you saying "wtf was that? In celebration of those dreams, Thought Catalog released an adult coloring book full of bizarre sex dream confessions and delightful illustrations to color.“When I was pregnant, I had the most bizarre sex dreams. He put a red squeaky nose on his penis and I was totally into going down on him.What’s sad is that it still kind of turns me on to think about it.

Anyway, I have this recurring dream that I’m fucking my ex from behind on the hood of my car and I’m feeling awesome—until I realize that she’s on her phone the entire time,live Tweeting the entire experience, making fun of me with every thrust to her 10,000 followers.” — Jared, 30 Daniella Urdinlaiz “I recently had the strangest dream that my girlfriend and I lived in this fantastical land where everyone keeps a pet unicorn and the animal’s horn is a detachable, magical dildo.

Just look at our sexy listings, they are so tempting and amazing.

Their looks will blow your mind as soon as you will look into those deep sexy eyes and feel this athletic body next to you.

From new marriages (hello, Dutchess of Sussex) to surprise breakups (goodbye, Jenna and Channing) and strange dating phenomenons (like BDE and curving—aka when someone is indirectly not showing any interest in you), celebs and the average person alike had more than enough excitement for one calendar year.

Here, we rounded up some of these WTF stats to prove that this year, we all damn near lost our minds.

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