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Our beautiful buffalo horn ritual/offering bowls are hand polished from real salvaged buffalo horn.

5-10 Nov) Samhain considered by most Wiccans to be the most important of the four 'greater Sabbats'.The "quarter days" are loosely based on or named after the Germanic festivals, and the "cross-quarter days" are similarly inspired by the Gaelic fire festivals.However, modern interpretations vary widely, so Pagan groups may celebrate and conceptualize these festivals in very different ways, often having little in common with the cultural festivals outside of the adopted name.The House Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock is an all encompassing book for the Hearth Witch. Is it the feeling of safety and security from the outside world or is there more to it?For many magickal practitioners, the home is the epicenter of their spiritual workings and the "home base” of their magickal path. This box’s guide is all about the hearth and its practices, rituals, and lore from around the world, as well as information about house spirits and their history among pagan and witchcraft communities.

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Learn about different beliefs and practices from history all around the world with this convenient, all-in-one place reference that would be a gr...

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