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When Nate spotted Rhona in the club, he clearly took a shine to her and made his way over to flirt up a storm.

While she rejected his advances, it was obvious she was flattered by the attention.

– It’s 10 PM on a Saturday night and Nate Robinson, one of the most entertaining players under 6-feet ever to wear an NBA uniform, is sitting at a long autograph table with a Sharpie in hand.

His D-League team, the Delaware 87ers, had lost 110-99 to the Windy City Bulls in front of 3,076 people.

The shot didn’t count because time had expired but coach Mike D’Antoni was livid.

In 2013, while with the Denver Nuggets, Robinson was ejected from a preseason game for twice hitting Steven Adams.

Viewers know that she's been having a hard time recently after an accident at the farm left her injured and needing a hysterectomy.

“See, the girls got you beat right now: They had the cookies ready for us.” He assures a dad who overheard the conversation that if they bring popcorn to the next game, he’ll buy some.

I don’t think I got a fair shake in the league over the time I’ve been there,” he said. He was often a streaky player, prone to jarring mistakes that too often offset those astounding feats of athleticism he became known for.

And he could drive coaches crazy: He once shot the ball at his own basket with the Knicks.

They know he’s one of the team’s better players, and, at just 5-foot-9, one of the more interesting to watch.

They had just witnessed him score 23 points, grab three rebounds, dish out three assists and make three steals — a typical Robinson performance. A line of Boy Scouts reaches Robinson and he asks if they’re selling anything as a fundraiser.

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He knows his reputation is at least part of the reason he’s no longer in the NBA.

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