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The highlight of her life was when she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her contribution to the environment, development, democracy and peace.

She also won other awards including the Right Livelihood Award (1984) and the Goldman Environment Prize (1991).

Their voices were stifled and the best a woman could do by any standards is get married to an old man in the village.

Women who came before us fought hard to break the barriers so that we could have an opportunity to make something of ourselves.

Micere also served as a Dean Faculty at Uo N becoming the first female to serve in that position in Kenya. Ng’endo was the first woman lecturer at the Uo N, the first female physicists (1985) and the first African to graduate from Smith College.

Though not much is known about this woman, she was honoured at Smith’s college by having a hall named after her as the Mwangi Cultural Center.

High court Judge Lucy Gitari said that the petition was defective,hopeless and incurable.

Martha Karua had petitioned against the election of Anne Waiguru on grounds that the election was not valid and there fore should be declared null and void.

There was a time when girls did not have access to certain amenities like bank services.Ogot was a trained nurse who served as an assistant minister of culture and social services.She also worked as a scriptwriter and announcer for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) wrote for a column the viewpoint in the East African Standard.Micere is one woman who is passionate about her country despite being exiled to Zimbabwe and later the US to escape the then regime.The playwright, author, poet and activist was among the first black women to get admission to a segregated high school, Alliance Girls High School.

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Together with Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, they put together a play, The Trial of Dedan Kimathi that drew a lot of attention even from the government.

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