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Whether Pitt confirms another relationship soon or remains a bachelor for years to come, we can't wait to get even more details on his love life. Here are his most notable exes (and a few lucky ladies who flew under the radar). She got her start in the industry when she was just a teenager and has moved between acting and being a total rock star over the years.

We would not in a million years have imagined her as one of Brad Pitt's exes, though. However, Lewis acknowledges that it was kind of just teenage love.

Sure, most people know about his marriages and his more recent relationships.

Many people have joked before about the fact that Brad Pitt seems to change his personality and overall look based on who he's dating.

To some extent, we all make compromises when it comes to our relationships.

While he's been in the tabloids a fair bit because of his star power, he isn't the type to be constantly surrounded by controversy.

That's why many people have forgotten altogether about the buzz about him in 1987.

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Okay, we're beginning to think that all Brad Pitt needs to do to start a relationship is appear in a movie with someone. The two never actually confirmed their relationship, but there was a lot of speculation about the fact that the on-screen romance turned into a real-life romance.

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