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But in the meantime, Agents of SHIELD will have to deal with the fallout of their departure.

The cast of Agents of SHIELD was at Wonder Con last weekend for a panel and we got to sit in a roundtable with Clark Gregg and Henry Simmons.

Gregg: And the toll it takes on your family when you vanish for months at a time. Mack goes back because he’s wounded, because Bobbi and Hunter left.

I think he wants to repair some other relationships and I don’t know if it really happens.

After the finale aired, Gregg maintained that Coulson seemed to be dead.

The sixth season, which will only have 13 episodes, will not premiere on ABC until summer 2019.

Den of Geek: With Hunter and Bobbi gone, do you think Mack will take a leadership role?

Simmons: I think there are flashes of him in a leadership role, but the thing is, even when we saw Mack step up, he’s very reluctant to do so because I think Mack has a respect of order. I was watching the episode going, “Man, he’s really good at this. This guy’s gonna move into my room.” What can you tell us about Mack and his brother? Simmons: I can say the one thing we talked about before is SHIELD is like being in the CIA.

How much of it is just to stay close to Daisy and how safe is he having a field agent with powers with a temper like that? He’s trying to keep it light and fast moving, small enough that it can get in and out of places and take care of business with professionals he trusts. When you’ve got someone like Daisy who can, it seems like, knock a building down if she really gets pushed far enough, I don’t know how many more he needs. It’s funny because when you go into a show, you create your own background, things of that nature. With a cliffhanger that seems to share the end for Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson, we already know that the former director of the clandestine agency tasked Henry Simmons’ Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie to run the ‘Agents of S. We still don’t know if Coulson will be back but Simmons has had some time to sit down and think about how Mack will be running what is left of S. “I’ll try not to break SHIELD, but if you’re not there it will break my heart. Simmons’ comment makes it look like even the stars haven’t been fully informed of what’s to come in “Agents of S. “I love you more than anything....except babies doing MMA after I take a nap,” Simmons joked. ” It seems the cast doesn’t want to lose their leading man, either. “I don’t know in what form that will take, whether that will be flashbacks or hopefully some sexy dreams that Melinda May is having. But that’s all I know so far.”Fans will be in the dark about “Marvel’s Agents of S.

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In a birthday message for co-star Henry Simmons, Coulson actor Clark Gregg continued to hint that he might not be back on the show, much to Simmon’s dismay.

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  1. I think Morgan is thinking he can be a hero, and JJ (A. Cook) is sharing things because she doesn’t agree with what Hotch (Thomas Gibson) is doing, and Hotch isn’t sharing enough with Morgan, and it’s a big mess, but that’s what makes for good TV. Shemar and I had talked on the phone, but I had never seen him.