Who is alexander skarsgard dating now 2016

I feel like I have to tell you bc Brian Williams never will. Go tell ten people or you will have bad luck forever." Hayley also shared a photo of the hot new couple taken from behind as they enjoyed their breakfast together, while sitting at a bar overlooking the New York sidewalk. Last month they were reportedly spotted kissing during a party at the Sundance Film Festival.

I just saw her with Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood.Welcome to the unofficial fan site for the one and only Alexander Skarsgård, the Swedish actor that brought us Tarzan 2016, Battleship 2012 and so many other greats. My family has a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. While there's been criticism for the latest incarnation of Tarzan not wearing his trademark loincloth, 'The Legend of Tarzan' sees Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard more than make up for it with an impressive 8-pack.But that meant the actor had to go through months of intense diets and training.

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