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And also, this is a better way, especially if you're doing it with really, really large and hairy numbers. Now, the other way you could've done it is what I would say just the brute force method of just looking at the multiples of these numbers. The multiples of 18 are 18, 36, and I could keep going higher and higher, 54. I already found a multiple of both, and this is the smallest multiple of both. You might say, hey, why would I ever do this one right over here as opposed to this one? This one, you're kind of-- it's fun, because you're actually decomposing the number and then building it back up.It's max 10m shares up to £3 and finishes on 10th September. could get another nice 20% rise in by then from Friday's close. It’s pretty obvious what the market is doing here imo.

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Its not a smooth ride but 214p to 248p since the latest share buy back started on 29th July.

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