Virgo man dating virgo woman

Ruled by Pluto, he is driven, discrete when needed, deeply emotional under those walls, and capable of being cruel if you wound that sensitive inner self of his.

One of his biggest downfalls is how spiteful he can become if he feels wronged.

Scorpio and Virgo complement each other well with their start and finish planetary rulers, Mercury and Pluto.

These two tend to round each other out with a mutual appreciation of the quiet life and are ambitious without needing to be showy.

Virgos are frequently excellent at some form of craft, design, or artistry.

When a Scorpio man needs his private, quiet thoughts, a Virgo woman will happily focus on her creative side.

This Earth sign does not always crave attention and will often keep her head down at work to focus on her own personal business and duties.The Scorpio man can be quite romantic, and under his tough exterior, he is full of emotion.When the Scorpio man lets some of those feelings show, he will do a brilliant job winning over a Virgo woman with traditional gestures of love and courtship.These two are not typically a couple you’ll think of as the life of the party.Especially in long-term relationships, the Scorpio man with the Virgo woman will prefer to stay home, spend quiet, cozy nights together, or go out with only a few friends.

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