Validating a service call

The goal of validation is to tell you if the data of an object is valid.

For this to work, you'll configure a list of rules (called service.

Storing jservices-aacl-pic-9.6-20090706.0in /var/sw/pkg ... Link: /opt/sdk/jservices-aacl/jservices-aacl-pic - /var/sw/pkg/jservices-aacl-pic-9.6-20090706.0..

Finally, class constraints are intended for scenarios where you want to validate a class as a whole.

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 14.2 for EX Series switches. Verified jservices-voice-bsg-9.6-20090706.0signed by Package Production_9_6_0 Creating /var/sw/pkg ... Storing jservices-voice-bsg-9.6-20090706.0in /var/sw/pkg ... Link: /opt/sdk/jservices-voice/jservices-voice-bsg - /var/sw/pkg/jservices-voice-bsg-9.6-20090706.0.. Storing jservices-bgf-pic-9.6-20090706.0in /var/sw/pkg ... Link: /opt/sdk/jservices-bgf/jservices-bgf-pic - /var/sw/pkg/jservices-bgf-pic-9.6-20090706.0..

Perform a compatibility check to ensure that the software and hardware components and the configuration on the device support unified ISSU.

@Inject Book Service book Service; @Path("/service-method-validation") @POST @Produces(Media Type.

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 13.2 for PTX5000 routers. Verified jservices-bgf-pic-9.6-20090706.0signed by Package Production_9_6_0 Creating /opt/sdk/jservices-bgf ...

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