Updating your bathroom

Use caulk to glue the tile onto your mirror and then grout.Source: Houzz Buttons, coins from your travels, silk flowers, driftwood, barn wood, a pretty tray, old windows—you are only limited by your imagination.Sometimes you have an ugly bathroom but it’s functional and you have a lot of other rooms higher up on your to do list so you probably won’t get to the bathroom for another year or two.The challenge is to make the bathroom pretty (or at least livable) in the meantime without spending a lot of $$$ because it’s just a temporary fix…you know, until you can really get in there and tear some walls out!Temporary rooms are a BLAST to decorate because you can go a little crazy with textures, wallpaper, paint, lighting and make choices that you normally wouldn’t make — because you always consider resale in all your remodeling decisions. )The first order of business in an ugly bathroom is to give a sad builders mirror a facelift.

In many cases your tiling is perfectly fine and won’t need replacing!Source: House and Home Imagine these his and hers mirrors hung onto a builder’s mirror—so Fab you would never even notice the plain Jane mirror underneath!Use a stencil and glass paint to revamp the look of an existing mirror.With all of the amazing metallic spray paint and fantastic stencils out there, the sky is the limit.Source: Source: Constance Guisset I love these water color mirrors by Constance Guisset!

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