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I remember the first time I saw anyone being funny about internet chat rooms was seeing Johnny Vegas talking about them in room 101, and about how he went for an adult date and talked about sex.If We also welcome people from other chat sites I know a lot of chat sites have closed down over the years mainly due to the appearance of Facebook and Twitter which have chat applications and also work in a similar way.Other free chat rooms such as chat ave, UK Chatterbox and the now closed Yahoo chat, we work hard to keep our rooms funny and entertaining.We have tried to make our new site more friendly for users, who use their mobile to chat or their i Pads these have suffered in the past due to the issue with the flash player, which can be frustrating to users.If you want to read more about staying safe online please check out our online safety and security guide.To get the full benefits of our free chat room and forums, you will need a webcam.There is no need for registration at World of Chat you may access the rooms as a guest if you wish.

Our chat bar also acts as a messenger program, where you can both chat in private on the messenger bar or you can enter the rooms, you can also access the rooms via the tabs at the top of the pages, which will take you to a page version of our chat, which will make the chat bar disappear.If you’re the kind of person that likes a quick chat over a cup of coffee with real friends and gossip then World of Chat could be the website for you, our worldwide platform gives you the chance to meet people from various walks of life.If you are a student, own your own business, or just killing time bored at home alone, it’s your best chance to meet, White, Black, Asian, Indian, Blue Pink, and Green people colour or race doesn’t matter on chatrooms.Chat rooms are a good place to meet people to make strangers your new friends, we are an amazing chat site based in the United Kingdom or England if you prefer, we welcome people from all over the world and the UK, with one click of the mouse button you can join the fun and meet people within your local area.We welcome adults but we are not a sex site or a no strings website, it makes no difference if you’re a single person, married or a senior silver surfer looking to chat.

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