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In that case, you will need to become familiar with some patterns for interoperating between these XML-handling classes. But when you need to use However, you may have to still use the old classes to work with legacy code - particularly previously generated proxies.The C API functions typically either return a numeric error code (0 for success, nonzero on failure), or pass back an error code through a variable. Your application can retrieve the most recent error by calling the The XML Pull Parser is an implementation of the XML Events interface.The XML Pull Parser and the SAX parser are similar, but using the Pull Parser, the application (consumer) drives the events, while in SAX, the parser (producer) drives the events. XDocument doc = new XDocument( new XDeclaration("1.0", Encoding. For writing xml, the same things apply, noting that it is a little easier to lay out content with LINQ-to-XML (XDocument) than the older Xml Document.

However, for huge xml, a DOM may chomp too much memory, in which case you might need to use Xml Reader/Xml Writer directly.

ensure that your environment is set up as described in "Setting C XDK Environment Variables on UNIX" and "Setting C XDK Environment Variables on Windows".

Use the following syntax on the command line to invoke ELEMENT 2 PCDATA 1 DOC 1 DTD 1 ELEMDECL 2 ATTRDECL 3 TOTAL 10 * 112 = 1120 ---ELEMENT doc [nsprefix:a1='v1'*, xmlns=' xmlns:nsprefix= ' ---ELEMENT child ---PCDATA " This element inherits the default Namespace of doc.

See Also: "Introduction to the XML Parsing for Java" for a generic introduction to XML parsing with DOM and SAX.

Much of the information in the introduction is language-independent and applies equally to C.

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Using XPath allows your code to be much, much more loosely coupled to the XML, which is why it's generally the right answer.

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