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Along with constraints, triggers can help enforce data integrity rules with actions such as cascading deletes or updates.Triggers can also perform a variety of functions such as issuing alerts, updating other tables, sending e-mail, and other useful actions.Then we will update values of TXN_NUMBER column of bank_transactions table and will observe values of bank_transactions and bank_transactions_audit tables. You will notice, in audit table, the old values are inserted. CREATE TABLE bank_transactions ( TXN_ID number(10) primary key, TXN_NUMBER varchar2(20), PARTY_NAME varchar2(50), TXN_DATE date, CREATED_BY varchar2(20), CREATED_DATE date ); --Creating bank_transactions_audit table. In this example we have introduced two restriction on before UPDATE trigger statement.Suppose some company have job openings and already having application data and the criteria is (i) Job Experience must be more than or equal to 3 years and (ii) Previous application attempt must not be done in last 2 years.

LAST_APPLIED_DATE IS NOT NULL) THEN SELECT MONTHS_BETWEEN(TO_DATE(sysdate,'DD-MON-YYYY'), TO_DATE(: NEW.Avoid to use primary or unique constraint on audit table to avoid any constraint violation in insertion of the same row multiple times in case of multiple updates of transaction table.Then we will create “trg_before_update_txn_audit” Trigger on table bank_transactions.Changed data can be referred to in the triggered-SQL-statement using serve as a table identifier for the triggered-SQL-statement or the trigger qualification.The referencing clause allows you to provide a correlation name or alias for these transition tables by specifying OLD_TABLE/NEW_TABLE AS correlation-Name Only statement triggers (see Statement versus row triggers) can use the transition tables.

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