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Real, lasting love is instead a different kind of thrilling. It can be a tough one to answer definitively as no two definitions of love will ever be identical.

Two articles written by Tom Chiarella, a member of the De Pauw faculty since 1988, are among the "40 Film Journalism Must-Reads & Sees of 2007," according to Short End magazine. If you don't; if you are wanting your relationship to fill some aching emotional void in yourself, then you will have a hard time moving past neediness and infatuation and into a place of real, reciprocal love.This doesn't of course mean you shouldn't be vulnerable towards your partner, nor that you should ignore the needs of the relationship or always put your own desires before theirs. So many good ones I cut some that I initially wanted to post because the heat was brought too properly.In the first few months (or even years) of a relationship, there is often one question that comes up again and again: 'am I in love'?

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