Three niche dating sites for targeted romance

This laser-sharp focus on providing a great user experience is something that Facebook’s management does not get enough credit for, but as a user I surely appreciate.

This same thought process will likely apply to Facebook’s dating features.

Facebook has over 200 million users who identify as ‘single’, and if just one-third (33%) of them use the new dating features (67 million), Facebook likely becomes the largest dating site in the world with a never ending supply of new singles to browse through in search of romance. Facebook will stay true to their values and focus on creating a great user experience, something that eludes most dating sites.

Ironically, online dating sites are one of the only businesses that lose customers when they are successful.

I talk about our wild startup story while providing dozens of case studies on management, innovation, and growth, in my new book, As someone with years of experience in the online dating space — both as a site owner and a user, I couldn’t be more excited about Facebook’s entrance into online dating.

As an expert in the industry, several online dating site owners have recently asked me for my opinion and if I think Facebook will be the online dating app killer.

Creating quality matching algorithms has always been the achilles heel of dating sites.Most dating sites operate on a subscription model, which generally means optimizing the site to get men to pay to contact younger attractive women.Although many dating sites have created successful business models using these tactics, studies consistently show that both men and women find the ‘experience’ on most dating sites to be grossly inadequate.When more detailed search criteria like height, body type, and ethnicity get applied, that number is further reduced to just a few results.This is why the same legacy dating sites continue to get bigger over the years, while new innovative dating sites launch but disappear just as quickly.

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  1. But some people – whether the divorce is taking longer than expected due to disagreement, the first open court date is more than a year out, or if they initiated the divorce after years of unhappiness or even abuse – are ready to jump back into the dating pool soon after the divorce papers are filed.