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So people would sort of talk trash about Amanda in-front of me -- and do the same thing [about me] in-front of her -- without realizing we were constantly comparing notes. Reality TV World: You seemed to recognize Todd and Amanda were big strategists in the competition.

Was that the case, and if so, did you ever seriously consider putting them on the chopping block?

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" (laughing) But lucky for me, I had people who gave me a pep talk. Like, "Who is this nerd who was sent here to ruin lives on this show." It was amazing.

Everyone was walking around with this fake voice, being all like, "I'm putting on a good personality because I want people to like me! That's when Todd and Amanda and [Denise Martin] and I all really got together, and we were all sort of like, "Okay..." Reality Tv World: What was your deal with Jean-Robert? It actually ended up working out to our benefit because even when it was the three of us [in an alliance], Amanda and I were never associated as friends or any sort of a bond at all.

Reality TV World: How do you respond to angry viewers that wonder why a waitress is putting down a lunch lady? I don't like to put myself out there to just be blatantly judged by people who don't know me. Man up and just maybe you need to learn to not care what people think." Reality TV World: Have you had any negative reactions from people on the street? They come up and they point and say, "That's the girl! " It's really funny because I'm like, "What is going on!? " So me and Todd sat wrapped up with bugs crawling over us... Then after the rainstorm ended we came out and we were dry, and everyone else was soaking wet. That was being bandied about -- we dropped it for a minute -- then it just came back, because I think we all decided we were scared of James.

Courtney: No, I've only ever had people come up to me who were really nice. " Reality TV World: You seemed to form a really good relationship with Frosti following the swap. Courtney: When we first did the swap, Frosti kind of cliqued-off with Todd and I sort of cliqued-off with Sherea. Then I think when the merge happened, I could see Frosti was kind of in an awkward place, where he had already thrown his old [Zhan Hu] tribe under the bus and thrown his allegiance to Todd. Actually, I think it's almost insulting to [Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman] who are a real, legitimate couple... You don't have to win -- but don't lose." So I sat on the stupid thing and then people started falling off, I was like, "I don't want to fall off! Everyone clapped for me -- even Jean-Robert -- like good job. Maybe I am like their bratty little kid and everyone gets annoyed with me but they like me (laughing)... When it went forward, I wasn't surprised with that either because it was in everyone's best interest to level the playing field.

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In spite of everything that I said, we all got to know each other pretty well out there and I think everyone realized that it's not personal. I just throw out one liners and kind of say things off the cuff. Hang-up my apron for a month or so and see how I feel.

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