Sqldatasource updating old values

If a update that records and when the update button is pressed. Here is the code of my web Form protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e)&...

NET then Update I do realize that his could be posted in a few spots but I think the answer is in the SQL. NET page, with a Sql Data Source, Text Box and Calendar Controls.

Hello I have a problem when I want to update my textbox, I have a textbox called Textbox1, when I Insert data from it to database it is working well, even when I Update it WITHOUT SELECT field from database it is working well again,but when I Select [pagename] from database then want to Update it it is not working, nothing happend and in debuging the textbox doesnt have any value. Updating how Cost per Click is Measured on Facebook To help advertisers better understand how their ads perform, we're updating the definition of cost per click on Facebook. Facebook for i Phone 3.0 to Include Page Updating...

Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. For something that's well-known like a US predidential election, ...

But what happens is that I do get some of the values but they are the original values not the new ones being changed.

In the code below I do get the Country ID and Region ID but they are the original values not the new ones selectedfrom the Edit Mode row.

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Here is the code, Plz correct me if am wrongtry { Sql Connection conn = new Sql Connection(System. To release a new buggy version every two weeks is not very professional.

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