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I might even give you a few minutes off from speedupdating the RP's : P Awesome job anyways *hugz*Hahaha..was so funny, it actually made me laugh, which don't happen often! I really hope you'll continue this story, coz I can hardly wait to read more of this! The first story: I could totally see all the recations from Shannon's victims...

She's evil LOL The Jack story OMG The docter's gone mad. Maybe she'll go on a hair rampage and try to cut all of Hurley's hair off... Hurley reminds me of twinkies, which remind me of strawberries.

Hes got a distinctive little white dribble mark under his chin.

Once you have registered for the event, we will contact you to arrange you an informal appointment with a lecturer from the subject area you are interested in.

The majority of the course will take place in the field where you will gain first-hand experience in the investigation of simulated mass graves.

16-20 July 2012 You will participate in a series of lectures and practical sessions giving an overview of entomology and its application within forensic science.

Follow us on Twitter am via Twitter for i Phone Absolutely stunning #dance by @nzballet @the Centre tonight - loved it. Nia Jon am via Twitter for i Phone I love my job & there are times I really love my job. Sarah Kate G am via Twitter for i Phone After the first piece I didn't think it could get any better... #From Here To There @nzballet @the Centre Miss Clevaness am via Mobile Web Heart-rendingly beautiful ballet @nzballet @the Centre #ASong In The Dark #Philip Glass Mereridhaf am via Twitter for Black Berry®First piece by @nzballet was beautiful. So different, but complimented each other so well.. I never would have called myself a dance fan but I think I just fell in love with Royal New Zealand Ballet.

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You will also get the opportunity to tour our campus, chat to current students, and find out about postgraduate funding and accommodation options. CG04, Christchurch House, Talbot campus Dr Pippa Gillingham – School of Applied Sciences, Bournemouth University ‘Static Protected Areas in a dynamic world: Are we spending conservation resources wisely? 17-20 July 2012 On the course you will participate in a series of lectures in the basic principles and techniques of forensic photography.

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