Southern dating etiquette

I pounded back Burger King and 3AM Poppa John’s Pizza like it was going out of style.

You just have to have the willpower to walk past the greasy junk and grab a banana.

I remember the first semester I was away from home. I stayed up late with my dorm neighbors playing video games, eating pizza, and watching movies until the wee hours of the morning. I ate Burger King frequently and got little exercise. So, to help prevent some hapless young man from making the same mistakes I did, I present a list of tips to help you succeed when living out on your own.

I was living in the dorms at the University of Oklahoma in Norman with my friend Alistair. I made good grades, excelled in sports, participated actively in student organizations, and found time to hold down a part-time job at the same time. Whether you’re heading to college or simply starting a newly independent phase of your life, establishing some guidelines for yourself will make the transition all the smoother. The first time you’re completely away from the watchful gaze of your parents, you’ll be sorely tempted to let it all hang out. Otherwise, you’ll be crawling home and right back under their watch before you can sow a single of your wild oats.

Half the fun of moving is exploring what’s out there. The summer after my senior year of high school, I dropped a lot of the weight I had gained during my football career (I played center and tried to keep pretty big during the season).

Well, I then negated all my progress during my first semester of college.

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Consequently, I just sat at my computer and played Command and Conquer II. You might say you need it for an emergency, but who are you kidding?

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