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I thanked him and went into the bathroom to clean up.The second time, he used the warm wash rag and wiped me down. You can’t talk about the South without discussing racism.Other than deciding to swipe right for the guy holding a gun, the guy in his truck or tractor, and the guy with his grandma, here are a few things I learned about sex and dating in the South: I hadn't been called "Ma'am" by someone I was dating until I moved to the South.Where I'm from, people say "dude," "like," and "hella" in nearly every sentence.And what’s up with all the wordplay and mind games?These southern family values can lead to younger marriages and children from previous relationships.As far as race relations, I can honestly say that the South is behind the times.As the birthplace of segregation, it makes sense that it would take a little longer for southerners to not only accept but to embrace diversity.

My dating roster looks like a United Colors of Benetton ad, and my circle of friends includes people of Black, White, Latin, African, Asian, Haitian, and Pacific Islander descent.So if you are still looking for the right place to live, and the right girl for you, here are 15 reasons you should date a southern girl, especially if she is from North Carolina.The endless country sayings will have you laughing on the floor, and you will probably end up using a few yourself.While the Northern Californian hippie chick in me loves a good hike and chasin’ waterfalls, I’ve passed on fishing dates and muddin’. Dating in the South has expanded my definition of chivalry.I’m not afraid to get a little dirty, so muddin’ isn’t completely off base. Things I thought only happened on TV have happened since I began dating in the South — including car doors being opened for me, every time, instead of hearing the "beep beep" of the car alarm having been disarmed. However, there are some things that I've only experienced with southern lovers — like receiving a warm towel after sex.

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Most of the men I’ve dated while in the South have been black and nearly none of them had any non-black friends.

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