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It’s very easy to spot if a function is synchronous or asynchronous based on its name. Before Properties[«Field Name »] And yes, three possibilities depending on the actions and the synchronicity of the eventcan contain either the new value, or the old value, or nothing at all!

As you can see, synchronized action’s name ends with “ing” and asynchronous with “ed”. And where it reallygets tough, it also depends on the type of list, whether the current list is a list or library.

Also not sure why the Event Receivers were missing in the first place.

It could be because some “questionable” actions happened during the setup of the site, but it could as well be a bug in Share Point 2010 RTM or later.

Today I was troubleshooting a customer farm where Managed Metadata would remain empty in Share Point, even though it was filled in correctly in the document’s Document Information Panel.

Digging through the internal XML structures of the DOCX and also the Content Type Schema and Field XML, I couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.

To avoid this error, we can define the event “Item Added” as synchronous!

SPWeb sp Web = Get SPWeb Instance(); // assuming that you have a document library by name of "My List" SPList shared Documents = web. SPEvent Receiver Definition sp Event Receiver Def = shared Documents. This is the reason why Item Updating and Item Updated are called twice (once for each step of check-in process).

And Item Updated gets called after the item is updated.

Hi everyone, Today I will talk about “event handler” and more specifically those used on elements of lists and libraries.

3 types of events are attached to the lists and libraries: Adding, updating and deleting Each of its events can be retrieved synchronously (at the time of the action) andasynchronous (right after the end of the action).

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