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Even a short training session can tire out your fingers.

Take it slow and focus on consistency and accuracy instead of speed.

This will allow you to avoid a situation where there’s a growing queue of customers waiting for an answer just because you can’t type fast enough.

Typing speed will help you rise the quality of contact (faster answers) and the quantity of cases you are able to handle (more chats/emails).

During the test, you’ll have one minute to type in a set of words.If you’re pushing more than 90 WPM, you’re clearly some kind of a typing god and you should be able contact multiple customers at a time without breaking a sweat. The same as with any other thing in life – practice, practice, practice.Typing speed is one of the things you can’t really ‘hack’ or take shortcuts when trying to improve it. Typing practice is all about developing proper muscle memory.In general, 35-40 WPM is how fast an average person can type.If you can go type faster than that, you should be able to deal with typing in a customer service setting.

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