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The app lets you have "multiple girlfriends", and each one of them is a "complete different person" – so they won't share your info with each other.

If you really fall for your virtual bot, you can even combine it with a Real Doll robotic head – and a Real Doll sex doll body, too.

Instead of buying an expensive sex robot, you can download the new Real Doll X app, which is launching on February 14.

That means sex-bot fiends can enjoy a free verbal robot romp on Valentine's Day, dirty talking with their virtual pal.

There's an "ever-expanding library of clothing and accessories" to choose from, which includes everyday clothes, elegant dresses and even "sexy lingerie for those intimate moments".

Thing is, you have no way of knowing if you’re delivering value to users on your hotel website.Thanks to this training, robots become very good at managing frequent requests.However, if it doesn’t have the answer the customer is looking for, or if the question is asked in a very tricky way, your bot won’t be able to respond – and it is not the end of the world.The app lets you customise the personality of your bot, giving it different traits – without "thousands of possible variations".Each results in unique behaviours – your virtual sex-bot might be shy, or flirty, or a complete joker.

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