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On October 15, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano sent a tweet in response to initial reports of allegations that Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted numerous women.

The tweet asked women who had been sexually assaulted to reply ” me too.” That tweet made waves.

I relish the opportunity to come here.” For close to an hour, Burke talked about her childhood, her early years in Selma, and the life changing moment that would lead her to start the movement known as “Me Too.” THE EARLY YEARS Burke was groomed to be an activist as a child. “Except for I had a grandfather that was a Garveyite.” Her grandfather, a close follower of the teachings of Marcus Garvey, made sure she was well versed in the readings of black liberation.

And it pained Burke to see black women erased from the narrative.

“The world responds to the vulnerability of white women,” she told ESSENCE.

In October, days before the one-year anniversary of the tweet that launched “Me Too” on social media, Burke returned to Alabama to talk about her roots as an activist.

For Burke, that appearance was indeed a homecoming, as she stood before her elders.

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