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The levies are certified to the County Auditor who then calculates the tax rates.

The taxes you pay are proportionate to your estimated market value and use classification on your property as observed by the Assessor's Office.

Please use the Taxpayer Address Change Request Form listed on the right.

You can submit this information to Douglas County by using the Submit by E-mail button on the form or you can print the document and mail it to the Auditor-Treasurer's Office at 305 8th Ave W, Alexandria MN 56308.

State statute requires the assessor to physically review 20% of all property each year.

This results in the assessor visiting your neighborhood every five years.

The methods of appeal are detailed on the back page of your estimated market valuation notice also known as your Valuation and Classification notice that is mailed to all property owners around March.

The times to appeal are limited generally to the "Boards of Appeal" in April.

Each year the assessor reviews the market valuation of your property to determine if changes in the real estate market require a change in the estimated market value.You are encouraged to first contact your Assessor's Office and discuss the assessment with the appraiser for your property.You have the right to appeal the estimated market value.Some of the factors that can affect value are location, condition, size, quality of construction, the number of baths, basement finish, garages, and many others.Taxing jurisdictions such as the county, schools, cities, and townships, adopt their levy after public hearings.

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Good maintenance will help retain the market value of your property.

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