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Ludwig finished third with 3%, followed by Belzer with 3, Spence with 1%, and Underwood with %- 5%. The last round saw five players with a chance for the title; but while Magee bested Belzer, Lud¬ wig lost to Ackerman in an inter¬ esting Gruenfeld; and the race was over. In '^he section for pawn-free Mereditlk Special Prize went to K. All prize winning problems will be published in the January, 1950 issue of the American Chess Prob¬ lemist, which can be ordered from the Secretary R. Gam- age; for three-movers, judge is the Problem Editor of the Ameri¬ can Chess Bulletin, E. There is no set rule for the transliteration of names from the Cyril¬ lic alphabet to the English, and so all Slavic names are dedicated to confusion when naturalized into English. Buschke, in obedience to his Germanic training writes Bogoliubov, whereas to us the name looks neater as Bogoljuboff—it is a matter of personal taste and educational background. Eaton; and Commendations by Becker, ITass- hprg, De Blasio, Tump and Oppen- h&^ier. Major, editor of CHESS LIFE (this is his first *suc. cess in a problem composing tour¬ ney since his first problem com¬ position was published in Problems of Chess Life in June, 1949). (Single copies 25c each; annual membership and subscription ; patron membership .) TWe American Chess Problemist announces the following informal tourneys for the first half of 1950: For two-movers, judge is F. Thus the family of the great Elizabethan drama¬ tist wrote their name grandly as Shakespeare when they felt proud or curtly as Shaxpur when in a hurry, with some thirty other arrangements of the letters to fit their varying moods. ■ Now English Ch; mpionship refer to the former Lithuan¬ ian champion, now a resident of Boston, as Tautvaishais, Tautwaisha and Tautvaiskas.

With the close of the league sea¬ son plans are under way for the first Akron City Championship in four years. Winning in a stirring finish, Lee Magee took the Omaha Experts Tourney with a ‘i Ys-l Vj score, losing a game to Oh man and drawing with Ludwig. In the informal two-move and three move tourneys there were the following results: Two-movers: First Prize, A. Vol.'IV Number 9 Official Publication of lie United States Ct? Faucher, bowled over Deep River Chess Club by a 9%-% score. Johnson saved the half-point for Deep River by drawing with G. Next they sallied into New Haven, with hearts set upon re¬ venge, and took a 5%-l% victory although Adams drew with J. Thomas, presi¬ dent of the Greater Providence YMCA Chess Club. Yes, the oragnization of in¬ ternational chess contests in the United States is for obvious reasons immeasurably more difficult than in Europe. essfederation Thursday, January 5, 1950 DIETZ WINS COLLEGIATE! TROPHY f, •, ■** m'~, FIRESTONE KTS WIN AKRON TITLE MAGEE TRIUMPHS IN OMAHA EXPERTS First season of the Akron Chess League saw the title go to the Fire¬ stone Knights by a 6-2 match score, with Akron University in second place with 5-3. In the club championship Walter Suesman captured the title with a 5*4-2% score, edging out State Champion Albert Martin who fin¬ ished second with 5-3, followed by former club champion Otto Hoffer with 4%-3%. However, these arguments are convincing only if looked at from the European economic standap, as against the immeasurably greater wealth of this country, they fade away. handicaps, could easily organize international tournaments if there v'ie enough interest in chess. One reason of overwhelming importance is that unlike Jj Jpfope, the United States drives chess players to seclusion. raci (New Haven), Richard Ku- joth (Milwaukee), Isidore Rothman (Bronx), Dr. Tied for fourth place with 3-2 each were Jack Murphy of Alcoa, Tenn., newly elected President of the Tennessee Chess Association; Bob Coveyou of Oak Ridge, a for¬ mer Tennessee Open Winner and also former University of Chicago player; Louis Miller of Chatta¬ nooga, newly elected secretary- treasurer of the Tennessee Chess Association: W. Scott of At¬ lanta, Ga., youthful hut prominent Negro editor; and Brad Wade, Georgia Tech senior who electrified the gallaries with his sensational play.

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± .2si IT If1CV ..2-5 (avow (Sir George Williams) ..... Forry Laucks early in December and (lashed off on one of their perenniel chess raids. I.) Journal, gave a 5-board blindfold simultan¬ eous ut Ihe riuvliluiuw KMCA, win¬ ning four and drawing with Jack Davis'. Huse; and Com¬ mendations by Costikyan, Lubell, Fillery, Hilde Hassberg and Oppen- heimer. Such tournaments, however, are very rare in this country; scores of them have always been held in Europe be¬ fore the U. In deed, there are first of all strongly excusing factors provided by history and geography.

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