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Hi, i'm new to this site and fairly new to Matthews, NC.

She then asked me where I shopped and I told her Lowe's. Recently I was at a place called Char bar7 on Carmel road. 7 offers that perfect mix between upscale and casual.

I don't need that many clothes any more but I am really into garden tools. It's a really nice atmosphere and I noticed that the crowd was older. Whether you're in a suit, golf attire or jeans, you'll feel right at home at CB7.

we were born in one country as it were and find ourselves living in a very different one.

we never moved its just every thing around us changed. just because something is valuable to most does not mean that the potentional partner standing in front of you is looking for these qualities.

I guess the adult senior males that have it together are swamped by available females and do not need to be out searching! I would also like to find a female who share some of my interests, but it seems taht so many women my age are not really active, so I amhaving difficulity there.

I led a large singles group for over 10 years in Mobile, AL - I KNOW that scene! I joined a very expensive singles club here and there were lots of lovely women there, but only a few males and those men were the ones who were limited in their social skills and/or had severe grooming problems.

I know that there is a Lake Norman Shag Club and Twisters Shag Cllub (named after a club called "Twisters). Where there is a small bar, older people, maybe a sandwich for lunch and mixed drinks. I am married so I did not check out whether they were but it is worth your time of day to check on it. I guess I don't understand anyone that has trouble with a social life. I try not to get too involved and have too many irons in the fire.

Lessons are given once or twice a week and it would be an excellent, fun opportunity to meet locals or newcomers. They also have a place for the public to eat and many of the volunteers eat there too. Let's just say I was impressed with the quality of the volunteers when we went in for a procedure. My idea is to go about doing what you like and you will run into other people that like the same things.

I know others have used these terms in placing blame for their lack of success in dating.

I do have some complaints, which I will not air yet, about the quality of men I am finding. No bars (it is so sad to see old women hanging out in bars!

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