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Although plagued with negative press in the earlier stages of his career, he has since overcome them and stresses to reporters that he is adamantly not the &8220;bad boy&8221; the press has made him out to be.In his private life, he is said to devote a substantial amount of time at home with his mother and dogs.Allegedly he was vored by TVB executiv Hong Kong Chinese TVB Actor Male Profile don bosco college ringe, Catherine Tsang, and filmed in series after series.Ruco was cast by Producer Amy Wong in The Other Truth and his popularity increased dramatically.Sammul noted that although Ruby was a big star, she was a very down-to-earth person.Scheming Beauty’s story was set amidst the Han Dynasty and revolved around the story of Emperor Wen.He record a full-length Mandarin album in Taiwan, but the label failed.In 1999, after signing a management contract with Ivy Entertainment and a filming contract with TVB, he began to officially use the Chinese stage name Chan Kin-fung and began filming television dramas.

The women will hold numerous rivalries as their beauty and wits are pitted against each other.

Next week, he will head to Ningbo’s Xiangshan to start shooting.

“I often film costume dramas during the summer, so I can already foresee that it’ll be hot, but I can lose weight,” he laughed.

Birthday: August 15, 1969 Growing up in Hong Kong public housing estates as an only child, Bosco is raised by a single mother &8211; following his parents&8217; divorce when he was only one year old.

He was often regarded by his peers as a playful person.

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