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Three more versions recorded in June appear here without Stewart.I'm assuming the group re-recorded the song because the producer wanted an album of consistent players and that Stewart wasn't available on that date.But Stewart's absence is a minor gripe, since the June 1969 tracks without him are perfect in every way.It's just that the ear grows fond of his guitar against Hayes's blowing on the three tracks and misses him a bit on the balance.His live and studio recordings in 1969 were The newly surfaced session tapes were recorded in London and were presumed to have been lost or wiped clean.

Soon after, Cook left Polygram and either was too busy to produce the tapes for release or the album idea was rejected by Polygram due to the cost.

Recorded in May and June 1969, the set features many glorious moments.

On ), the three takes in May 1969 feature Hayes with Irish guitar great Louis Stewart (above).

The take of on the single-CD version is the June 1969 recording and does not feature Stewart on guitar.

Both versions are available as CDs and FLAC downloads from Presto in the U. The only version available on vinyl is the one with just a single version of each tune.

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