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Many tour operators will build bespoke travel itineraries for you and ensure that a sizeable amount of spends will directly be used to support development.Tourism Concern have a handy list of ethical volunteering organisations for you to check out.This is a blog written by the man in the street for the man in the street; we are not presenting authoritative or ‘academic papers’ but sharing our thoughts and views, faithful to the Magisterium of today and yesterday (we hope!

If you’re anxious about encountering or encouraging any ethically dubious activity, make sure you have a realistic picture of what the political, economic and social situation is in your chosen destination – learn a bit about local customs and attitudes before you take off.But these indulgent holiday settings sometimes belie the fact that most safaris take place in some of the poorest and least developed nations on earth; in regions where electricity and running water remain a privilege, not a right, and where, until recently, conflict or drought may have ravaged the landscape and its people.There is, of course, great potential for this wealth to cut through the poverty, to empower native communities who have long been without a voice, and to tackle conservation issues such as the extraction of natural resources and that ever-present vice: poaching.Safaris are some of the world's most exclusive holidays.Travelling to some of the least explored wildernesses, staying in camps sleeping just a dozen people and enjoying the expertise of highly trained guides is an absolute privilege, as is seeing some of the continent's most threatened wildlife, in the company of its most ancient tribes.

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This will encourage cultural artistic traditions, help support local businesses and you’ll have a truly authentic and unique gift to take home with you. **Don’t give money to beggars** Whilst they may tug at your heart strings, giving cash to street kids, or any type of beggar you might encounter abroad, only fuels social inequality, providing immediate relief and no long-term solution to their plight.

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