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When European employees are posted to EU and EFTA countries, they must be registered with the competent authorities in advance.Failure to comply with the requirements may result in high fines and sanctions, e.g. Since there is no EU-wide consistent registration procedure, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of having to meet different registration requirements from country to country.In cooperation with consultants and partners from 75 countries, we offer a comprehensive global mobility service.

Ongoing rent payments, utilities (electricity, gas, water), freight forwarders, language courses and school fees: To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we collect the invoices and receipts, make timely payments and create weekly or monthly reports according to your needs.Instead, you have a single contact person who handles them all. Are you sending an entire group of assignees abroad? We can analyze your needs, create policies for the move, coordinate appointments, provide the participants with information about the location and organize orientation days.Benefit from our expertise and allow us to assume management of your moves.“Moving to Germany was an exciting and challenging experience for my husband and I as we were expecting our first baby two months after our arrival. “ “The Relocation Consultant provided support and guidance well beyond our expectations. Thanks to the personal and highly professional service we got from icunet, we not only found an amazing property, but also received the assistance we needed for our special family situation.

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