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This is a question I especially welcomed, as I've been meaning to address it for a long time.

You can try to enlighten them, but if that seems like too tall a challenge, just tell them you are quirkyalone. what I'm nonplussed by with the description of Quirkyalones is that there is still a binary, all-or-nothing approach to life.The concept said: We are people who are happily single, with friends and passions and full lives, we'd love to be coupled with the perfect person - made all the difference.Quirkyalones are not threatening to people who are coupled at heart."But now think about the last two items of the quirkyalone quiz: Look back at the "single at heart" post, if you'd like, and maybe think about some of the other posts and discussions we've shared.Do you see how "single at heart" is different from quirkyalone?

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Do gut instincts guide your most important decisions? Coupled or single, man or woman, social butterfly or shrinking violet, quirkyalones have walked among us, invisible until now.

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