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Also, he can be single, or married to any woman; residing his personal life peacefully away from the media reach.

The first Quiet Party was probably in October 2002 in New York City, and the concept spread to other cities including San Francisco, Washington, Houston, Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Beijing.Caption: In an interview with the Red Carpet News, Will Patton speaks about his attachment and love for his characters in" Falling Skies" (2015) On an interview with the usatoday.com, Will talked about Captain Weaver character to be interesting and holding similarities with his real life.He said: "One thing about Weaver is that he wears masks and he's very hidden about who he is — which I think makes the moments when he does reveal himself all the more powerful. To command, he's had to put on this mask of command and maybe not be as nice as people would like him to be or show the kindness that people are expecting." With only the disclosure of his on-screen characters, the actor got surrounded by the speculation of being gay, making them ask several questions on his sexual preference.This amazes me, cause I consider myself an introvert, and I adore hours and hours to myself.But what do I do when I’m looking to spice things up, and he wants to stay at home? I think it’s really important for people to keep being themselves in relationships.

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  1. "I'm hoping and praying that somebody from Channel 4 will go, 'My God, that was good fun, let's do some more', but I just have to hold my breath and see," she told us.