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a list of customers), or it can contain 'hierarchical' data.

For example, the data for the Customer List might also contain data for each order that the customer has placed (stored in the data as a nested array of JSON objects), and for each order, the order details (again, stored in the data as a nested array of JSON objects).

*In the button clicked event handler, in the code behind, I change to insert mode with this code: dv Single Row.

These child Lists get their data from the hierarchical data stored in their parent List.

The following videos will give you a quick overview of building disconnected applications in the UX component: Watch Video 1 - Setting up a List with a Detail View using the Quick Setup Genie Watch Video 2 - Editing Data and Persisting Data to Local Storage Watch Video 3 - Introduction to Hierarchical Data Structures For an in-depth example of a disconnected application that has rich a mobile interface, watch this video. The UX component allows you to build applications that work when you are 'disconnected' (i.e. While you are disconnected, you can continue editing the existing records in your application, you can enter new records, and you can mark records as deleted.

This video is aimed at developers with a solid understanding of the UX component who have strong Javascript and CSS skills. When you next have a connection, you click/tap on a 'synchronize' button and the edits that you made while you were disconnected are pushed to the server and the server database is updated.

When List data is restored from Local Storage, all of the edits that you have made are also restored and you can then synchronize the edits with the server database.

Because form variables are also persisted to Local Storage, a user can be in the middle of filling in a long form when the application terminates unexpectedly and when the application reloads the form is restored to its prior state - preserving all of the user edit. the 'in-memory' database) can contain a 'flat' list of rows (i.e.

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At any time, when you have a connection, you can synchronize the edits that you have made to the List data with the server database.

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