Prevent java 6 from updating

(And be sure to uncheck the junkware while installing the update.) You can also use a quick registry hack to change this setting.

We have a file you can use to enable it with a few clicks.

In Windows, go to Start → Settings → Control Panel → Java Control Panel and go to the Advanced tab to disable Java.

Perhaps the easiest way to tell whether or not you need Java is to first disable it entirely.

One of those programming platforms, Java, has been in the news lately because of its security problems involving the Apple Macintosh operating system, Mac OS X.

It's caused many headaches for Windows users as well.\MORE: Best Antivirus Software and Apps Java was first introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1995 as a self-contained platform to create and run thousands of computer applications."Java creates an environment for code to run regardless of the operating system, so software developers that write code in the Java programming language can run their programs on pretty much any operating system, including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux and UNIX variants," explained Marcus Carey, security researcher at Boston's Rapid7.

If you regularly use an application or visit a Web site that requires Java, your system or the site will prompt you that you need to install or re-enable Java.

According to Cosoi, there are two important rules every Java user should obey. Whenever you're prompted to update it, install the patch as soon as possible. Second, set aside one browser for websites that absolutely require Java, and disable the Java plug-in on all other browsers.This will prevent Java from trying to install the Ask Toolbar the first time you install it.You could run this file on your family’s computers and they won’t get bit by the Ask Toolbar if they ever try to install Java.You can see whether your browser is running Java at This will allow you to check if your browser has Java enabled, and if so, which plug-in version is it running.

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