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Since then, Lee has been the lead product manager on a new feature that will make that possible: old-school, real-time, type-and-go chatrooms on Reddit.The company has been testing the feature with a small group of communities and plans to roll out to the rest of Reddit at the end of this month.Each room includes a sentence or two to explain what it’s about, but there aren’t full-on community rules here like there are in subreddits.

Why couldn't they have those same conversations on Reddit?

"There are different levels of formality involved in posting versus chatting," says Le.

"You can think of the subreddit listing as a pretty curated space.

(Yes, really.) That felt more like the chat platforms of the early 90s, like Internet Relay Chat or AOL chat rooms.

In those early days of the internet, chatrooms served a specific purpose: They turned surfing the web into a social act.

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A few months into Jason Lee’s new job at Reddit, the office was buzzing with excitement.

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