Plex tv library not updating

If you have not formatted your movies, music and TV shows correctly, Plex will not always see them whether you rescan or not. Metadata is all that useful stuff from IMDB or wherever that tells you about each show.

Here is how to force a refresh in Plex and generally manage your media.

Refreshing will cause Plex to check all media contained within the library, series or individual item and refresh the metadata for it.

If a refresh is for metadata then a scan is for media.

If you add a new movie or TV series to Plex, you would perform a scan to have the Plex Media Server add it to the database.

You can perform a manual scan or have it automatically detect when you add new media.

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If you turn on Server Debug logging, and the logfile 'com.plexapp.agents.themoviedb.log' shows the following error: URLError: I also added a new entry for my servers FQDN as it was suggested that this could cause issues, so it couldn't hurt to add that to.

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