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And if the user clicks the "Refresh" button, they are only refreshing the safe "landing" page that we redirected to.

Here's an example of a PHP page that sends user messages to a staff member.

But if the form charges their credit card— it's a big problem! When the transaction ID arrives, we check a database to find out if this ID has been used before for a successful purchase.

If it has, we reject the transaction and refuse to charge the customer again for the same purchase.

I was thinking I would cycle through the array from get Data, but how would I update those rows once I matched them by the id?

[code] host_list_table = $('#host_list_table')Table(); $JSON('/get_host_list_array?

The code below is a simple PHP/My SQL application that invites the customer to enter a credit card number and expiration date, and then sells them a widget...There's one extra wrinkle: what if the user returns to the first page of the shopping cart to start an entirely new purchase and the browser has cached that page?In this situation, the same transaction ID could reappear, and a legitimate new purchase could be refused as a duplicate.How can we fix the problem and prevent the form's action from being carried out twice? The first is usually easier to code than the second.But highly sensitive applications, such as online shopping carts, should always use the second method to make sure a transaction is never doubled.

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