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In spite of being the national language, only about 55 percent of Filipinos speak the language.In addition to Filipino are about 111 distinct indigenous languages and dialects, of which only about 10 are important regionally.Since English is widely spoken in the Philippines, it is common to hear Filipinos use a mixture English and Filipino words or phrases, known as "Taglish" (a mixture of English and Tagalog), in their everyday conversations.A steadily dwindling minority still speak Spanish, which had at one time been an official language.

The romanticism in a text message would have been lost, sending Elizabeth into the arms of (gasp!

If you are sitting around waiting for texts, maybe you should get a new hobby, exercise, something.(If you couldn't tell by the tone of my font, I was being sarcastic).

Unless a significant other actually requests one, gift cards are not a romantic gift.

English is generally used for educational, governmental and commercial purposes and is widely understood since it is the medium of instruction in schools.

The Philippines are the third largest group of English speaking people in the world, after the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Because the cell phone, computer, and other electronics are such a big part of people's lives, they become a big part of the dating scheme.

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