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Your hair is falling down your back and your lips are painted bright red.Your body is clothed in black leather with your nipples and pussy showing through slits in the leather.Your mouth becomes a heaven for my dick and I moan with pleasure. But when I am just on the edge again, you stop again.

My husband was a very dominant man when we first met. He sends me into a few more orgasms until I have to beg him to stop. He comes up, holding me close again, kissing me with his soaked face.

Your moans start slow but soon they are continuous.

Just before your orgasm you drop down and let me tongue-finish the while you squeeze your nipples.

While more than one of these orgasms was achieved with chemical assistance, sometimes the "wow" factor came from an unexpected place.

My punishment was to write this fantasy – she even gave me instructions on what she wanted to be in there. And now, she asked me to publish it here so you all know that I was bad boy and how I was punished. There you are, straddling a chair with one leg over the top.

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