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Alison Lapper has opened up about the tragic lead up to her son Parys's death earlier this month.She said the 19-year-old (bottom left, a 14-year-old Parys with Miss Lapper) had suffered depression and anxiety before turning to drugs to cope with the torment of classmates who called her a 'crip'.A very rare find: "An interesting artifact for sure.It appears to be from the Late Archaic to Early Woodland Period.Crystal doesn't age fast like that of flint either.

Andrew's association with [Epstein] is deeply damaging and he needs to deal with it.' The socialite was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein (inset) after dating Prince Andrew (left) and stayed at his Manhattan flat for a week but found it so 'frightening' she fled, believing she was being filmed.Aerial photographs (left) show the traveller site as an eyesore on the waterfront and close-up shots (inset) reveal rubbish strewn across the neatly-trimmed grass on which the vehicles were parked.Hove Lawns is a protected stretch of land, meaning that any prolonged period of encampment for more than 12 hours is banned.The 59-year-old (pictured inset on Friday) has remain largely tight-lipped amid constant reports he was aware of Epstein's 'paedophile ring', only issuing two statements - one to deny all knowledge and a second revealing his regret over visiting Epstein after his release from prison.But sources close to Andrew's mother (pictured with him in June, right) claim the Epstein affair 'brings a lasting whiff of scandal to the monarchy'.

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Parys was found dead in a Worthing hotel on August 13 and was laid to rest at the town's crematorium in West Sussex on Thursday (top, Miss Lapper at the ceremony).

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