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They began work on Crazy Blind in July 2007 and assigned three of the company's nine engineers to build the website.The site made it easy for users to go on blind dates within hours of signing up.That way daters could contact one another without exchanging phone numbers.Yagan decided to kick off Crazy Blind in Austin because he thought people in a socially liberal university town would be more likely to seek blind dates.On the evening of the launch, in October, Yagan, Coyne, and their engineers gathered in the company's Manhattan office.They munched pizza and drank cheap champagne out of red plastic cups, waiting to watch Crazy Blind in action and standing by to fix software bugs. Each night for the next few weeks, only a handful of love connections were made online.At best, the novelty of instantaneous, face-to-face blind dates might catch on among users inundated with e-mails, phone calls, and IMs; at worst, it might at least generate buzz for Ok Cupid.The Decision Yagan and Coyne decided that the potential rewards of press coverage and increased Web traffic from a blind-dating site outweighed the benefits of buying advertisements or developing more features for Ok Cupid.

By early 2007, Yagan realized his window of opportunity was closing.Thanks to links from blogs, including the popular Tech Crunch, Ok Cupid's rank on Google's results page for the search has jumped from fourth place to first place.Yagan says the attention should make it easier to raise money and hire more engineers.Before the company was litigated out of existence by a record-industry lawsuit, it boasted the world's most popular file-sharing software, bigger even than Napster.to online dating, a growing market dominated by a number of, as Yagan saw them, expensive and unsatisfactory competitors like IAC's (NYSE: IACI)

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