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I had zero interest in the guys who actually liked me and were really good to me, and would become obsessed with the guys who were ambivalent about me or had commitment issues. Go on a date with a nice guy and eh, I wasn’t feeling it. (More on how I overcame that addiction in this article.) I needed to finally wake up and get it together.

Personally speaking, I spent years going after emotionally unavailable men who couldn’t give me what I needed. For a long time, I thought it would just sort itself out, that one day the bad boys would stop being appealing and the good guys would finally pique my precarious interest, but it didn’t work that way.But before you can enjoy those benefits, you need to be in the right place internally. I focused on my wanting, on the lack of decent, available men, on how hard it is to date in New York City, on how unfair the whole thing is …but not so much on whether I was even ready to be in a real relationship. It took a few years and many epiphanies before I got to the right place internally and sorted through what needed sorting. But I’m also the first person to give you a dose of honest truth and help you along the sometimes daunting road to get to where you want to go.I’m not denying the power of being in an amazing relationship.It can be transformative, and the benefits are immense. During my chronically single years all I could think about was how badly I wanted to be in a relationship.

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