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Please share this emergency preparedness resource and make sure you and your loved ones have a plan. 2 years ago, 12 patients in a Florida nursing home died as a result of heat exposure caused by Hurricane Irma. And as with any oter victim, these individuals need assistance to address their underlying trauma.

It was announced yesterday, after an investigation, that four of the center's workers have been charged with manslaughter. We often hear about how things like #violence & #incarceration are cyclical. #Rethink Jails M Police in San Jose are launching a new program to address underreporting of hate crimes by partnering with local businesses.

Visit Victim Connect to learn more about hate crimes and resources that are available to assist victims.

#Let Victims Speak Jeffrey Epstein manipulated, coerced, and sexually abused his victims when they were teens. Still, in a crowded courtroom, in their own words, 12 victims bravely shared their trauma and grief. GEb Gy FHih This tragedy highlights the need for robust hurricane preparedness measures in at-risk areas, especially those with large populations of older adults.

It is critically important that criminal justice actors are prepared to respond to this and know how it can be prevented. V Rw8cpq8S #New York Child Victims Act Progress for sexual abuse victims; an opportunity for them to find their voice, to seek justice and hold their abusers accountable for their despicable acts #Survivors #Advocacy… Principle 4⃣: Provide affordable, effective, and high quality services for perpetrators of crime.

Alternatives to incarceration for perpetrators must be a part of our #cjsystem.

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