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Can somebody please explain the appeal in and, to my eyes, sudden popularity of these fics?I am not sure why the first one did it but Naruto: The Gamer Files by Max Fic did it cause they read The Gamer, which is a Korean Comic or Manhwa.Naruto had died and he just kept replaying through different game genres all based around the shinobi world and his life.• Dating Sim NarutoSim City/Tycoon Naruto • Racing Game Naruto • Horror Game Naruto Things like that, no more than 500 words per genre but they were so funny., for example (204k words, complete; not technically a video-game story, but it uses a very similar time-looping mechanic) pits a looping Sakura against looping enemies who have all the same advantages that she has, so she doesn't really have enough (meta-)time to train herself up to Nagato levels of power.

Grinding isn't fun; about grinding isn't any better. Magic, kekkei genkai, some god given power; I find the whole thing tedious, repetitive, and dull.I mean every time a single stat changes, the writer will write out the sheet all over again.I just think the whole thing is boring as all hell.Naruto: Game of the Year Edition is the only Gamer fic that I have read that uses a Save System.One reason it was used in this story was when he ' Died' he would be born as a baby again.

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